Best gifts for INTJs

Do you have an INTJ in your life with a special occasion coming up? Are you clueless about what gift to buy her?

I don’t envy you. We’re notoriously hard to shop for because we abhor tchotchkes and clutter. We’re also unsentimental, so things like heart-shaped jewelry, a dozen red roses, or artwork with inspirational quotes—basically, most things that retailers shill as special occasion gifts—will make us roll our eyes. And to top it off, if we’ve decided that we really want something and determined that it would add value to our lives, we’ve probably already bought it.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Below are some ideas that will elicit a surprised smile instead of a smirk (sorry, we can’t help our faces), arranged by price level.


Good trivia books. We love absorbing and processing massive amounts of information, so help us do it! The Book of General Ignorance, Atlas Obscura, and How to Stay Alive in the Woods are all entertaining as well as instructive.

Contemplative art prints. Have you noticed that we often stare off into the distance? We’re not bored—we’re just thinking deeply about something. Get us something nice for our eyes to rest on while we’re pondering. I like these prints.

Travel adaptor. Look, it’s not the trendiest gift, but who wants anything trendy? We love useful and efficient things that keep us organized when we’re off exploring different cultures and ideas. A small adaptor with multiple USB ports fits the bill.


Great red wine. You (mostly) can’t go wrong with good bottle of wine. A lot of us are red wine drinkers—it pairs well with brooding quietly in an armchair. Benziger Obsidian Point, one of my favorites, is deep with a hint of spice, much like your favorite INTJ friends (I kid, I kid).

High-quality French press. When I say quality, I don’t mean something that simply looks upscale and stylish (personally, I’m skeptical of everything that has rose-gold plating and midcenturyish design these days). I mean something that functions smoothly and will actually keep their coffee hot. Try this Frieling model.

Print or online subscription to a “fun” magazine. We have a different definition of fun writing, and it doesn’t involve the words “people” or “OK.” Try The New Yorker, The Economist, The Paris Review, or Harvard Business Review.


Noise-cancelling headphones. Oh, to be all alone in one’s world. We’re pretty good at tunneling deep inside our own minds, but on some days, even we can’t shut out the ceaseless din. Reviewers say Sony’s latest model has finally topped Bose’s offerings.

iPad mini. Get us something compact and sleek that we can use to pool our thoughts and take with us wherever we go. The iPad mini or any well-designed tablet are good bets.

Online learning gift subscription. Help get us closer to our plans for world domination by gifting us with learning—whether we’re interested in programming, typography, or supply chain operations. Try (now LinkedIn Learning) or Coursera.

I’m biased, but I think your INTJ friends and partners would really appreciate receiving any of the gifts above, whether or not they do a decent job of expressing how they feel!

Hope this is helpful.